Glass Beach II


Glass Beach II 18″ x 36″ Acrylic/Mixed Media on canvas.
Available at Hudson River Gallery, 538 S Gilbert St.,  Iowa City, Iowa 319-358-8488

This painting was based from a close up picture I took on the island of Kauai at a beach they called the glass beach. This beach was in front of an old dump and the sand was full of glass beads that had formed from broken bottles being worn smooth by the force of the ocean waves coming ashore. Some of those beads are attached to this painting.  I was there at low tide and walked out on the rocks were I found this old rusty turbine that must of come ashore from a ship wreck. It had a lovely patina and had numerous sea urchins and strange worm like lines on it. This painting is an attempt at recreating a small part of the patina and protozoa life growing on that rusty turbine.