Chair Shadows II

20″ x 26″
Watercolor on Paper
“From the Garden” series of watercolor paintings. I found this chair sitting on a patio at the Filoli Mansion in San Mateo County, CA. As you can tell, it was a bright sunny day, and the shadow the old metal chair cast was truly spectacular. I had to capture it in painting. The painting was originally the full seat of the chair with the shadow. My studio mate suggested I cut the paper so there was only half of the seat showing. By doing this, the shadow became the focal point, as was my intent!

Three Sisters

27″ x 34″
Watercolor on paper
Heliconia Braid tropical painting.

Lupine Meadows

25″ x 31″
Watercolor on paper

I started this painting by pouring watercolor paint and then building up areas with a brush. The white lupine pedals were masked before I started, so the white of the paper would become the flowers

Garden Series #8

Garden Series #8

Garden Series #8 25″ x 36″
Watercolor on paper

Part of the garden series. I watched this front yard garden grow every year when I lived in Sunnyvale, Ca. This garden inspired a number of paintings as I watched it grow and change. The lady that owned this property had a wonderful green thumb.

Kauai Afternoon

24″ x 30″
Watercolor on paper

Park bench on a patio outside a home on the island of Kauai. Love the large flora on the island, incredible plants.