Kokopelli – Land Art


Kokopelli – 400 x 550 sq. feet Mowed grass.

I participated the week of June 20th, 2010 in the 12th annual Fields Project. 3 other artists and I, with the help of a couple farmers, mowed designs into this large grass field. My Kokopelli design graced the front page of the Oregon Reporter the week following the project. It took us three days to create the field art, and at the end of the week and over the weekend there were airplane rides to see the work.

Mural being installed


Oregon Park District employees installing 8′ x 32′ historical mural. I was commissioned by Oregon Park District to create a mural to go on the side of Midland States Bank. After researching historical photos and speaking with historians, and from my own knowledge of the history of Oregon, Il, I put together a design for an “old”  picture postcard of the city circa 1900. I created the mural indoors in the fall and early winter of 2010 and the park district did the outdoor intallation.